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​​​​​​​​​FRANICO is an Italian creative network of people​ experienced in footwear sourcing and product development.


"Shoes are our moment of contact and separation with the planet, and ​the sole, the thin sheet of skin that separates and joins us to mother earth.  Shoes are a kind of machine for our daily journey."​  Pino Amendola

Italy is an impressive resource of ideas, materials, research, and creativity.  With this heritage in mind, we succeed in our ability to provide customers with answers and solutions that evolve and change according to the present demands. Nothing ever stays the same, and no two problems are alike.  People change their desire according to the market requirements, the financial situation, even the weather.  As such, products need to cater to all imminent and future needs while continuing to be stylish, timeless, comfortable and high-quality.